FINANCEMENT AUTO CD INC. CONSIDERING the provisions of the Act respecting the protection of information in the private sector and the legislative amendments made by the Act modernizing legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal information, including certain provisions applicable to consent to the collection of personal information in the private sector; Financement auto CD Inc. wishes to obtain the consent of any person likely to provide personal information through its website.

Collection of personal information:

The Company may collect personal information from the person concerned.

The information collected may include, but is not limited to:

• First and last name ;
• Address ;
• Email address ;
• Telephone number;
• Date of birth;
• Marital status;
• All communications with Financement Auto CD Inc. or any other information that you may include in your correspondence;

Purposes for which information is collected:

The Company undertakes to use the information only for the processing of questions sent via its web services, the processing and analysis of loan or financing requests, the opening of customer files and the services to be provided, if applicable. . The information may be kept for the duration of the business relationship with the customer.

The data subject consents to the Company's staff and administrators having access to said information and using it for the purposes described above.

Access and Rectification of Personal Information or Withdrawal of Consent:

Records are held computerized and/or are held in paper format at the Company's head office in a location designated for this purpose. You may, upon prior request, consult the contents of your file which may contain personal information, rectify the personal information contained therein at any time or request its removal.

The withdrawal of personal information may, however, prevent the partial or complete provision of certain services. In these cases, the Company will notify the person concerned of the consequences of the withdrawal.

Please note that personal information transmitted on the web will be used internally, but will be destroyed on the web within a reasonable time frame to ensure the confidentiality of the information.

Collection of information carried out for a third party or for a service provider partner:

The information transmitted via the contact tab of our website will not be transmitted or communicated to third parties.


The person concerned hereby consents to the transmission of their personal information to the Company for the purposes described above.

This consent will also be valid for the entire duration of the subsequent provision of services, if applicable.

In collaboration with Financement Auto CD


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